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Bearing Induction Heater
Important of Shrink Fitting Work-piece!
Engineered Savings on 57% of your bearings...“bearing purchase price is just a fraction of what they will cost you when they fail...”
METZIN modern induction shrink-fit technology uses the expansion and contraction properties of metal to enable smaller shafts carry the same torsion moment. Proper shrink fitting prolong the roller bearings life by several times. Induction heating is also ideal for shrink-fit many other shaft mounted machine parts such as gears, pinions, seals and spacers that often require shrink fitting to avoid from suffer of reduced life expectancy due to improper installation. What constitutes "proper" fitting technique? Mechanical methods such as hammers and hydraulic presses risk damaging the inside surface of the inner ring and the bearing races. The better shrink fitting solution is via heating. But beware: blow torches and hot plates tend to overheat, while oil baths are slow heating, present environmental and safety hazards, cause bearing contamination and loss of prepublication.
How Does Our METZIN Induction Heater Work So Quickly?
Our induction heater design have utilized the eddy current induction principle like a transformers - its core and windings can be seen as the primary side, but the work piece acts as a short-circuited secondary winding, which heats up rapidly due to its great electrical resistance. This phenomenon allows the induction heater to control the heating by continuously monitoring the work piece temperature and adjusting its own heating power during the process. Hence results in even heating of only the inner bearing ring but the heater itself remains cool and safe to handle.
Advantages of Induction Heating
Proper fitting - Work pieces are heated evenly with feedback control, with no danger of overheating.
Long bearing life – Protect bearing lubrication properties and keep away contamination.
Shorter heating time – As compare to conventional methods even for extremely large heating objects!
Ecological and energy efficiency - Induction heating requires minimal energy to fit bearings and
produces no gas/ vapour, smoke or used dispose of heated oil.
One man operation – Portable for quick on-site mounting on straightforward and automatic design.
Simple and little set-up required.
Safety – No dangerous heat sources with only work pieces become hot: eliminate oil bath accidentprone hot oil, space constraint oven , hot plates or torch flames.
Demagnetization – All induction heaters demagnetize work pieces automatically at the end of every
heating cycle with no residual magnetism to collect debris.
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