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Geophysical & Structural Monitoring
ROTOMECH in association with INOPAVE Singapore & OLSON Engineering USA present the most advance portable Instrument for NDT / Analysis / civil infrastructures, geophysical engineering surveys, the world's most ruggedized, battery powered instrument for NDE - Nondestructive Evaluation of civil infrastructures, geophysical engineering surveys, and general test/data acquisition. Freedom from electrical cords and generators.
The Freedom DATA instrument systems provides the user with unmatched flexibility for stress-wave based condition evaluation of concrete, masonry, asphalt, wood and other construction materials, as well as seismic testing of soil and rock and virtually any general test/data acquisition measurement. By changing instrument modules in the two built-in bays, the user can quickly switch between tests using any of the available NDE methods, while using similar software for data acquisition and analysis.
Optional Add-On Test Methods Optional
Crosshole Sonic Logging » Crosshole/Downhole Seismic
Multiple Impact Surface Waves - P » Multiple Impact Surface Waves - G
Impact Echo » Impulse Response
Impact Echo Scanning » Parallel Seismic
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity » Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves-Geophysical
Sonic Echo » Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves-Structural
Slab Impulse Response » Seismic Refraction
Tomographic Imaging Software » Seismic Reflection
Resonance Testing » Ultraseismic
Modal Vibration Monitoring » Custom Systems
Other Options Available:
8 channel 8B module capable, support for all standard 8B modules (strain, LVDT, thermocouple, etc.)
Note: 8 channel configuration is configured for use as channels 9-16 to allow use with other NDE systems detailed below on channels 1-8
Crosshole / Downhole Seismic Series Applicable On:
Soil and Rock
Test for :
Soil and Rock Dynamic Properties, UBC Seismic Requirements, Power Plant Foundation Design Site Characterization, Liquefaction Potential, Vibrating Machine Foundations

For downhole method of determining seismic velocities and properties of soil and rock by measuring their compression and shear wave velocities.
Models Available:
CS/DS-1: 1-Triaxial Geophone with air bladder (source and rods not included)

CS/DS-2: 2-Triaxial Geophones with air bladders
(source and rods not included)
The CTG line of instruments are nondestructive, battery-powered handheld systems for measuring the thickness and integrity of concrete slabs, pavements, tunnel linings, walls and other plate-like structures
In its simplest setting, the cover meter rapidly and accurately measures the depth of cover to reinforcement, with values displayed in large black characters on the LCD display. It is easy to use with menu driven screen prompts guide the user through the functions.
Soils / Rock - Shear - Geovane Soil Shear Strength Tester
Handheld, portable, easy to use field equipment by Geotechnics.
A 19mm vane blade is screwed in to the base of the Geovane and the vane is pushed into the soil. Simply rotate the Geovane at a rate of 1 revolution per minute and take a reading off the face when the soil fails. A pointer stays in place when failure occurs so all you have to do is look up the reading from the face on the supplied calibration chart to get your reading in kPa.
SEISMOGRAPHY Instrumentation, Field Services & Geophones & Hydrophones
NOW SEISMIC Survey without cables-without compromise.
Wireless Seismic will be introducing a revolutionary new exploration seismograph, a system that works without wires. Individual small wireless units connect to standard geophones. Each module contains a 24-bit digitizer, microprocessor, and radio transceiver operating on the worldwide legal 2.4 GHZ band. The unit will run for days on two ordinary or rechargeable D-cells.
Geophones with various specifications supplied for Oil, Gas, Exploration, Survey, Defense applications.

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