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Corrosion Monitoring & Cathodic Protection
ROTOMECH CORROSION MONITORING Division with a high technical skills base in corrosion, erosion and materials degradation processes and mechanisms. applies knowledge, skills and experience to provide solutions and systems that optimise the safety, integrity and life cost of clients' assets.
Specialist cathodic protection (CP) services for the offshore industry, which includes the design, supply and installation of CP systems and monitoring.
CP survey offers detailed analysis using CP modelling services, which are based on a large database of real offshore / onshore projects detailing CP system performance
A range of corrosion monitoring equipment, including reading probes, which display the best analysis of your corrosion data.
Sand detection and monitoring probes and sensors impending operational problems can be prevented.
Field Signature method inspection tool users can achieve fast, accurate and non-intrusive corrosion monitoring.
Rotomech Capabilities Include:
Corrosion engineering and management
Asset integrity engineering and management
Inspection and maintenance management
Process and pipeline risk-based inspection (RBI)
Structures RBI
PSV RBI and re-classification
Cathodic protection design / evaluation / life extension
Materials technology / selection / failure analysis
Accelerated low-water corrosion (ALWC) specialist
Cathodic Protection (CP) Engineering
We offer expertise in a wide range of CP engineering activities for offshore structures and vessels, FPSOs, pipelines and tanks, including:
CP system design, supply and installation
CP surveys (CIPS, DCVG and Pearson) and evaluation / auditing of existing systems
Data management and monitoring
Project management of installations, supported by many years of global experience
Cathodic Protection Techniques
ROTOMECH engineers have access to a full range of cathodic protection techniques for both sacrificial and impressed current systems, such as boundary element analysis software, which is used for verification of cathodic protection on the majority of offshore projects.
Cathodic Protection Modelling Services
ROTOMECH offers cathodic protection modelling services based on a very powerful software package, which has a large database from widespread, real-world offshore / onshore CP system performance, and the knowledge and extensive experience of the world leader in offshore CP modelling.
Corrosion Monitoring and Engineering Services
iicorr’s corrosion services team provides a wide range of corrosion / erosion monitoring and engineering services. iicorr covers traditional monitoring technologies and is a world leader in particle flow monitoring during well-testing operations and in the application of FSM monitoring technology in high temperature and subsea applications.
ROTOMECH corrosion services include:
Well-testing particle in flow monitoring
Sand monitoring services and equipment
Corrosion monitoring services (retrievals) and supply of probes and coupons
FSM support services and the supply of systems
Data assessment, reporting and management
Operations support, including on-line help
The full Corrocean product range
Product installation, commissioning and maintenance
Corrosion Monitoring Equipment
ROTOMECH comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art condition-monitoring equipment can detect and quantify corrosion, erosion, sand production, pressure, temperature and flow force in conventional and subsea oil and gas wells, as well as monitor and quantify corrosion, cracking, pitting and erosion in any industrial process piping.

ROTOMECH range of equipment includes pipeline fittings, retrieval equipment, probes and coupons, corrosion meters and loggers, which help you to maintain asset integrity and reduce explosion hazards. Access fittings, plugs and covers

ROTOMECH offers a complete range of access fittings, plugs, standard and pressure retaining covers. Access fittings provide safe access to pressurized pipelines for equipment such as corrosion monitoring coupons or probes. Corrosion data - retrieval and management

ROTOMECH provides a full range of tools for reading probes and presenting the best analysis and results. iicorr’s tools also work with other manufacturer’s probes. Sand detection and erosion monitoring

ROTOMECH sand detection / erosion and corrosion monitoring probes and sensors quantify sand production and erosion, and warn against well bore collapse. iicorr’s sensors measure directly, require no calibration, and are not affected by mechanical noise. Potential operational problems can be foreseen with iicor’s monitoring equipment. Subsea sand and erosion sensor

ROTOMECH SenCorr SE system offers sand monitoring close to the reservoir, detecting sand production at an early stage, and minimizing the damage to chokes and valves. The SenCorr SE system is not affected by flow noise and no calibration is required. Non-intrusive corrosion monitoring

Field signature method (FSM) is a unique, non-intrusive technique for monitoring changes in a pipe wall over a relatively large area of pipe. The technique can also be used for storage vessels or any other metallic structures. By inducing an electrical current into selected sections of your structure, FSM monitors changes in the electrical field pattern due to general corrosion, pitting, erosion or cracking. Corrosion inspection tools

ROTOMECH provides the FSM inspection tool (FSM-IT), the portable, NDT version of FSM. It reduces inspection time for Y and T-joints from hours to minutes. iicorr can evaluate asset integrity without dismantling equipment, grinding off coatings or refitting insulation.

User-friendly PC-software and fixed sensors mean operator-independent results. FSM-IT is the fastest and most accurate state-of-the-art tool for non-intrusive corrosion monitoring.

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