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Condition Monitoring
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Laser Doppler Vibrometer
Vibroducer Model : V1002
Vibration measurement of engine
Vibration measurement of mission
Vibration measurement of door mirror
Vibration measurement of disk brake

OA Instruments
Behavior analysis of photo pickup in focus direction and tracking direction
Behavior analysis of hard disk
Behavior analysis of plasma display
Vibration measurement of ink jet

Electric and Machinery
Vibration analysis of compressor
Vibration analysis of home electric machine
Vibration analysis of industrial machines
Vibration analysis of cabinet

Micro Vibration
Vibration measurement of electronic part
Behavior analysis of piezo-electric element
Behavior analysis of wire bonding
Vibration measurement of SAW filter etc.
Differential.Integral Unit
Velocity signal is differentiated/integrated and acceleration and displacement signal are taken out simultaneously.
High Frequency Unit
Measurable frequency range is expanded up to 20MHz. Frequency analysis with higher frequency will be possible.
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