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Condition Monitoring
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Vibration Analysis & Condition Monitoring Services
Solving Difficult complex machinery problems require MODERN TECHNOLOGY/INSTRUMENTATION EXPERIENCED PERSONEEL & OLD FASHIONED COMMITMENT to meet the need of today’s industries. ROTOMECH provide all three element, whenever our team of Field Engineers/Executives are deputed at our customer site for carrying out “ Total Condition Monitoring Field Services” provided on annual contract basis using Software based single channel/Dual Channel Vibration Spectrum Analyzer Our instruments are in compliance with EX II 3G, UL, Lloyds Register & D N114 for use in Hazardous Location of all groups, class, Zone & Division making it intrinsically safe for use in class I, Division 2, Group A B C D T4 & Class I Zone 2 Aex NC IIC T4 and Ex nC IIC T4 and Totally Intrinsically safe to be used in Petrochemcials, Refinery, Oil field etc.
Vibration Spectrum Analysis with Orbit Plot, Waterfall Display, color map display octave graph, Magnitude/phase display, Cascade plot., Bode plot, polar plot, Time base plot, Shaft Centerline Plot, Motor Current Analysis on site Computerized Dynamic Balancing,
Lube Oil Analysis
On site laser/Manual Alignment/manual Alignment.
Sound Level Monitoring
Thermal, or infrared energy, is light that is not visible to the unaided human eye due to its short wavelength, but becomes easy to see and capture via THERMOGRAPHY not only with a crisp vivid thermal image, also give accurate temperature measurement onboard. We can inspect motors, shafts, bearings, ovens, boilers, and any moving part. Almost all mechanical failures are a result of friction. Friction is indicates by in increase in temperature that thermal cameras can easily spot far before failure occurs. For a less expensive solution that provides all the necessary features for mechanical predictive maintenance inspections.
Training School
ROTOMECH regularly conduct the training courses/programs for Engineering Personnel at major locations as well as “ON SITE” to enhance the knowledge & to upgrade the skill of Engineers/Technicians. These training courses are conducted in association with our Overseas Associates/counterparts by our faculty who are globally acknowledged Condition Monitoring expert, Technecrat, NLP Trainer & Motivator with more than two decades of experience & in-depth knowledge.
ROTOMECH with more than 20 years of rich experience & in depth knowledge of Condition Monitoring Technique, have developed an in house exam that follows the ISO 18436.2 standard, and the ASNT Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A. Level I & Level II Certificates are issued to qualifying candidates. All ROTOMECH Engineers has to go through this rigorous training program with Level I & OR Level certification.
News Letters
Rotomech publish the newsletter “Rotonews” updating the information & giving the case studies along with the latest development in the field of “Condition Monitoring” and “Predictive Maintenance” This newsletter is” An Open & interactive Platform” for everybody & anybody, who is interested or involves in the business or activity of “Machinery Diagnosis”.

We welcome the case studies, contribution, technical write up from individuals/companies/industries and in case your write up or contribution is selected for publishing for “Rotonews”, a suitable cash reward along with certificate is provided.
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